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NOV Rig Systems makes and supports the world’s most advanced drilling solutions. At NOV Rig Systems, we are harnessing the strength of knowledge and innovation that is revolutionizing the future of energy. We build on what works, using our deep expertise to help minimize risk, increase uptime and improve performance in drilling operations around the globe.

NOV Rig Solutions
NOV Rig Solutions

NOV Rig Solutions – AC&DC Top Drives. Maintenance, Overhaul and Operation.


NOV IMO – Automatic Drillers (Wildcat). Installation, Operation and Maintenance.

Making History

Since 1841, NOV has dedicated their time and resources to producing the highest quality oilfield products and services to help you get the job done efficiently and safely. From a spare part to a comprehensive drilling system, from rig-up to on-site support, we are here to assist you throughout the whole drilling process. NOV top drive line continues to grow today from the strong foundation laid decades ago.

Our Solutions

We offer our fleet of configurable land rigs and capital equipment to help you overcome today’s drilling challenges.

Our complete land solution reduces operational costs, increases safety, streamlines drilling operations and effectively communicates across the entire spectrum of drilling experts to optimize performance.

NOV Land Rig Technologies is the leader of innovative solutions that magnify and enhance your drilling power by combining the latest in land rig technology through rig and equipment designs responsive to application needs, full system integration, equipment performance and optimization, integrated and drilling organization services and the most comprehensive aftermarket support network in the oil and gas industry.

We surround your rig with support and an army of expertise before you start drilling, during your drilling operations and as your rig moves to the next site.


We believe great products are rooted in great people and great partners.

When a customer decides to build an offshore drilling rig, a torrent of activity kicks off around the globe. Dozens of our worldwide engineering and manufacturing facilities spring into action to ensure that the equipment will arrive on-site, as promised, and work together seamlessly. That doesn’t happen by chance. It takes people firmly grounded in manufacturing and logistics optimization, as well as an unwavering commitment to deliver for our customers. For more than 30 years, your challenges and opportunities have pushed our team to develop a better drilling equipment package.

With our customers at the center of everything we do, we continue to push ahead to develop even stronger partnerships. We’re building new fabrication facilities around the world to shorten lead times, we’re expanding our training offerings to help our partners prepare for the “Big Crew Change”, and we’re developing even more advanced equipment for ultra-deepwater and harsh environments. We believe there’s much more in store for our industry. We’re proud to partner with you, and we look forward to building that future together.

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Superior performance oil and gas products that meet the environmental needs of the modern operator..


High class lubricants, especialy designed for your engine.


We provide protective equipment so that all our engeneers are safe during work hours.