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Brief History
Brief History

Anglo International Mining B.V. (A.I.M. B.V.) was founded in 1980. In its early days the company’s main activities were research, technical and marketing services. After a period of time, the company focus shifted to the petrochemical industry. Business ties were developed with most of the major petrochemical companies worldwide and the experienced staff built up a thorough knowledge of the petrochemical market.


AIMOL’s main activities:

Constant research and development in the petrochemical market.
Examination of activities over 30 years.
Production of lubricants for mass production and motor sports.
Production of specialized products for industry.


With extensive research and ongoing investigation into the needs of the market, AIMOL always strives to increase the quality of their products and offer new specialized lubricants.

Here are our newest technologyes:

The Aimol Products


AIMOL is a modern company with highly qualified, experienced and service oriented staff which provides lubricants manufactured based on the latest available technology and materials.

Exclusivity for our Partners

AIMOL is a western European producer of lubricants operating in international markets. We are an excellent partner based on our Triple-S and Triple- E strategy.

With our Specials as product line, Specialized expertise and Special personal attention we take an unique position, strengthened by the exclusivity that we allocate for our partners, the excellent delivery and our strong European drive and involvement: Engagement.
AIMOL offers complete service, products, packaging and all the training and marketing tools to successfully sell specialty products.


AIMOL lubricants are used successfully in production at the request of the modern market.

The main advantage of AIMOL is the accuracy of application. Each product has a specific property for the application. AIMOL not only focuses on particular industries, but can also be used for universal applications.  The company specialists are experts in the lubricants market and at creating high-tech products with the operating characteristics reserves.


The AIMOL and AIMOL-M brands have established a very good reputation in the market of high quality lubricants. We are represented in a large number of geographical regions but there are still areas available for new partners.


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Superior performance oil and gas products that meet the environmental needs of the modern operator.


High class lubricants, especialy designed for your engine.


We provide protective equipment so that all our engeneers are safe during work hours.