// Equipment specialised in drilling fluids

Performant equipments, specialised personnel and experience gained internationally are the benefits that support ARMOS EXIM's capacity to meet high quality, occupational safety and environmental protection standards.


// Drilling services for water wells and geothermal energy

Our company and its partners offer complete solutions in engineering advanced systems for heating and cooling buildings. We can drill holes for introducing circuit pipes at different depths, depending on the project features. Performant equipment allows us to drill quickly and efficiently to various depths at required diameters.


// Importer and supplier of Molyslip and Chemico

In 1940, MolySlip, a British company, developed an innovative own lubricating concept, based on the exceptional qualities of molybdenum disulphide. SInce then, MolySlip has been manufacturing specialized lubricants, anti-seize compunds and high performance additives for the light and heavy industries.


// Personal protective equipment

Providing comprehensive solutions in the field of personal protective equipment is our way to respect the work and put in the forefront the health and integrity of the people involved in various activities of production / services.


// Cleaning services

Whether it is about a personal home, a company office, cabinets or institutions, all these need a clean, fresh and maintained environment.


About us

ARMOS, founded in 1996, carries out its activity especially as a service provider, equipment, spare parts and supplies, in the oil and natural gas extraction industry. The specific field of activity is focused on the specialised equipment in the control of drilling fluids, for which ARMOS provides consultancy and technical service. In relation to this field, ARMOS developed its own department for providing the necessary maintenance products, respectively of the protective and security equipment.


Importer and supplier of Molyslip and Chemico

Antisize grease, paste, lubricants and specialized additives.

MOLYSLIP is recognized as a world leader in the production of anti-seize greases, lubricants and specialized additives specialized, with a wide range of products. Original products with globally recognized quality!

Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)

Respect for people and their work and guide us in choosing the most effective equipment to ensure both protection and comfort during professional activities.